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Nose Ring Style Size Purity Information

Nose Ring Style Size Purity Information - Euforia Jewels

The Way to Pick the PERFECT FIT

Diamond Size, Colour and Clarity

Picking a diamond size to your nose jewellery is a question of personal preference.  All our diamonds are dazzling whatever the size.  The advice below is supposed to give you a good notion about what you may want to select for size choices, however, your nose is exceptional.  Taking into consideration your attributes and piercing positioning is useful when making your decision, but above all, pick a design which makes you feel as the gorgeous and one of a kind person you're!  Should you happen to get it and wish you'd of picked a little bigger or a bit smaller, we do provide exchanges.  Please examine our return policy to learn more.

  • 1-2mmFor a little sparkle.   
  • 2.5mm Not too small, not to much, absolutely amazing! 
  • 3mm:  Absolutely amazing for the ones that like to glow! 

diamond -size

The diamond colour

Test diamonds relies on the lack of colour. Differences between those are seldom noticeable with the naked eye.   We don't buy diamonds in these classes.  Natural diamonds are caused by carbon subjected to enormous heat and pressure deep inside the ground.  This procedure could lead to many different internal features called'inclusions' and outside characteristics known as'blemishes.' 

Assessing diamond clarity entails determining the amount, size, relief, character, and standing of those characteristics, in addition to how they influence the general look of the rock.  Though no diamond is totally pure, the nearer it comes, the greater its value.   

It must be noted that  our diamonds are equally dazzling because we are extremely careful to select only the maximum quality in clarity and colour.

Picking a Gauge

Gauge refers to the thickness of this article that folds to the nostril.  When picking a gauge size it's ideal to quantify one which you have that fits well, using a caliper (that really is a suitable measuring device located in many tool boxes).   When you have a look at a normal ruler you'll locate millimeters involving the centimeter dimension.   This could be your choice when you've had your nose pierced or use which estimate normally. 

 20 Gauge is skinnier than 18G and is the most popular dimension.  If you're unsure this are your very best option.   22 Measure  is the thinnest size article and ideal for people who normally utilize silver nose jewellery, from jewellery shops for example Claires (the vast majority of the silver nose jewellery comes from thinner gauges).Please refer to this chart below to find out what estimate are your very best option. 


Please also note that the nose piercing is among the quickest and most elastic piercings, and will adapt to whichever dimension gauge which you put inside.  In case you experience an 18G piercing you can wear 20G nose studs, nose pliers or nose rings also along with your piercing will adapt very fast.  If you would like to return to an 18G, it may also accommodate.   

If going out of a thinner gauge into a thicker gauge, you can stretch your piercing by simply placing several pure vitamin E oil onto your nose and your nose piercing and gradually directing the stud via.  If you're going out of a thicker gauge into a thinner estimate, set the stud in before bedtime and set a small round band-aid over top to keep it from falling out.  By morning it ought to be accommodated and wearable.  Please be aware, you should only move up or down by one estimate at a time.

(Straight Style) -- Pick this style if you'd love to bend the thing yourself or have somebody do it to you. 

Straight Nose Studs aren't intended to wear directly.  We provide them for those that know just what you enjoy and choose to personalize your self.This style includes a small ball at the end to maintain the jewelry out of falling out.  The nose piercing dries quickly so that the ball doesn't have to be much bigger than the indicator of their nose bone so as to keep it firmly in place.  You will experience some discomfort when putting in or taking out this fashion since the chunk is much thicker than your piercing but that is normal.  This style is favored for the ones who don't enjoy the sensation of an L shaped bend or twist style within their nostril, or who want to be certain the article won't be observed inside the nostril.

The nose screw has a shaped bend or curve which can flow with the natural curve within the nose.  This curve retains the jewelry set up and provides a much more comfortable insertion the nose bone design.  It's supplied in both left and right curve bends.  Pick the best flex nose screw for the ideal nostril and the left bend twist to your left nostril.

The L shaped bend nose jewelry style has become the most popular option that offer comfortable insertion with a L style bend so as to maintain the jewellery protected.  It's favored by the ones who don't enjoy the fuller texture within the nostril of their nose thread.

Nose rings are round decoration which come in many styles and types. 

Open jigsaw have a opening inside the ring plus also a small ball around the finish, like the nose boneto maintain the jewellery protected.  Seamless hoops offer you a cut over the ring that's bent simply to fit the jewelry.  Then bent back to the nose ring to be whole circle inside the nose piercing.  Segment rings are much like seamless rings however there's small section of this jewellery that's detachable for insertions. 

Clicker rings offer you a similar removable section but the distinction is that the section remains attached to the ring for insertion.  These rings may be worn in several distinct piercings aside from the nose, including tragus, helix piercings, knee and cartilage piercings, septum piercings etc..

Septum nose rings are intended to wear at the center part of the nose between the two nostrils.  They also come in many hoop designs such as section rings, seamless rings, and also our hottest the septum clickers. Remember that whenever you're selecting your design, all our layouts includes a free nose ring financing.  This is quite small rubber o-ring that sits to the wearable length of the jewelry piece.  It's very good for extra security.  Maintaining your nose stone close to the surface of your nose in addition to may be used to enhance your wearable length in case your piece feels a bit loose.  If you realize that your choice doesn't match the way you'd expected.  We provide one free of charge adjustment adjustment. 

Picking a Wearable Length

The wearable duration for nose jewellery is measured just below the rock in which the article starts, to where the article stinks.  It's the duration of the article which is going to be within your piercing.  It doesn't count the section of the nose jewelry that's out of the piercing.  So for instance, it would just count the segment of a nose thread which is inside the flesh of their nose but wouldn't count the section of the nose thread which is inside the nostril or onto the exterior of their nose.  There's an exception for this with the right style. 

The Straight design length is the amount of the pole from start (measured only under the rock ) towards the finish.  You would then opt to flex it to your desired wearable length.  The nose bone has been quantified also from only under the rock to just prior to the ball onto its ending.There are a couple distinct approaches to determine what length of article (wearable length) you ought to select. 

This dimension will probably be in millimeters.  In case you've got a suitable measuring device like a caliper (a fundamental measuring instrument utilized in many tool boxes or garages), using it to assess the depth of your nose would be your very best and most precise manner.  Make sure you place the caliper into millimeters.  If you don't have access to some caliper it's possible to use a normal ruler.  1 facet of the ruler ought to be in centimeters.  You'll observe small dashes between them, all these are millimeters as displayed below.  Put your thumb or pointer finger in your nostril and pinch gently.  Remove carefully attempting to maintain your fingers in precisely the exact same place and assess the space (distance ) between your finger and thumb from the millimeters on the ruler. 

Another method is to quantify a nose jewelry piece which you have and utilize it as a reference point.  It's ideal to put in a millimeter or 2 if you're unsure since it is far better to opt for the span as marginally too long than too short. 


Our specially designed nose band backings allow you to reevaluate the wearable length for the ideal match.Please notice: If you're ordering a direct stud that the dimension is going to be of this whole post.  Straight studs are selected when you would like to flex the nose stud into the desirable wearable length all on your personal, or from your piercer.Picking a Precious MetalWhen deciding upon a precious metal it's a fantastic idea to fit it to your jewelry fashion. 

What's the most usual kind of jewelry you have.  Should you utilize sterling silver often we'd suggest heading with white silver or gold.  In case your earrings are yellow gold, then you might choose to decide on the our yellow gold fashions.  The Karat of this gold identifies its own innocence. 

The higher the Karat the nearer to pure gold that the jewellery piece is likely to be.  Higher purity also ends in a thicker metal more flexible metal.White gold from its natural condition isn't really white in colour.  It's a really light yellow gold.  For this reason white gold has to be rhodium plated as a way to give it a glowing white finish.  White gold may be alloyed with nickel, even though the majority of our bits do not contain nickel.  In case you've got a nickel allergy please contact us with your preferred thing and we can allow you to know for sure if there's a hint of nickel.WoW gold has a gorgeous warmth for this and really is a timeless option. 

 Although colours of gold are rather similar, 14k yellow gold is a bit lighter than 18k gold.  WoW gold may make warmer colored diamonds look colorless, because the yellowish shade offsets a well-cut diamond.Rose Gold has become more and more popular with its delicate and subtle rose or pinkish colour.  It's really a superbly and one of a kind design option.


Platinum is a really durable white metal which is more compact than gold.  It's famous for its durability and prong protection offering a solid setting for a diamond.  Additionally it is highly recommend for the ones that have expertise allergies along with different compounds since it's usually considered secure from allergic response.


24k gold is also called pure gold.  This means that all 24 components from the gold are pure gold without any traces of some additional metals.  It's regarded as 99.9 percent pure and carries on a distinctive brighter yellow colour.  As this is the purest type of gold, it's obviously more expensive than 18K or 14K gold.  But this kind of gold is lower in density in comparison with gold of a reduce karatage that makes it softer and more pliable. 


18K gold is 75 percent gold and can be slightly lighter in colour than 24K gold but nevertheless provides a brighter yellow golden look. 


14K gold includes 58.5% gold and silver is an excellent compromise to get a golden alloy.  It's still fairly durable and won't easily tarnish.  Additionally, it has a milder yellow golden color than 18K.  The difference in strength between 14K to 18K or 24K gold is evident since it's not as pliable, but still a fantastic selection.

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