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How to clean jewellery with baking soda ?


Cleaning jewellery can be difficult sometimes if not done correctly and cause your precious stones to fall off. Cleaning jewellery is more of an art rather than pouring somechemicals together and just dipping the item and brushing it.. we can use baking soda, lemon juice, hot water, soft brisle brush and gentle strokes and voyalla.. your jewellery will be clean. 


Let me explain it to you step by step 


Take a glass bowl according to the size of your jewellery, 


Pour Hot Boiling Water in that bowl now put your jewellery in the bowl.


Now add some baking soda in the bowl (remember first jewellery then baking powder)


Stir the water for 5-6 times until you feel baking powder is mixed in water 


Now let the water settle and wait for 10 minutes 


After 10minutes get your jewellery out of the bowl and use soft brisle brush to clean it gently (gentle strokes will do the work for you )


After brushing use clean cotton cloth to wipe all water and baking soda.

Voyalla your jewellery will be clean

For silver Jewellery we have a product which we use often to remove tarnish and oxidization 



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