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Necklace Earrings Ring Bracelet Four Pieces Of Suit Diamond Wedding Jewellery

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Necklace Earrings Ring Bracelet Four Pieces Of Suit Diamond Wedding Jewellery

product properties:

  • Weight: About 42 g
  • Color: Gold
  • Product efficacy: Stylish and beautiful, add temperament
  • Suitable for the object: Suitable for all women.
  • Material: Alloy


  • Made of high-grade alloy material.
  • 360 ° no dead angle grinding processing.
  • Uses top metal plating technology.

Maintenance of alloy ornaments:

  • Alloy jewelry, as long as the proper maintenance, to ensure that the match is still bright as new. This type of jewellery does not require very expensive water retention for maintenance, as long as it avoids acid and alkali and moisture.
  • Humid environment includes: bathing, not wearing when washing face, not wearing when sweating a lot, drying with a dry cloth before storing; desiccant should be put in jewelry box where jewelry is placed; jewelry should be put in time when simulation jewelry is not worn Box.
  • 1. Jewellery is often replaced. The same piece of jewelry should be worn for a long time. Especially in hot summer, jewelry plating is prone to erosion due to prolonged contact with sweat, so it is good to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent replacement.
  • 2. Contact with chemicals, jewelry is easily damaged. The aromas during bathing, chlorine in swimming, and salt in seawater will cause corrosion marks on the jewelry plating, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.
  • 3. Collision is easy to scratch, store carefully, do not overlap jewelry, should be stored in the original bag or placed in a separate small box jewelry box, should put a desiccant, and should be avoided Rub each other and wipe the flower surface.
  • 4. From time to time to clean the jewelry use soft brush to wipe the surface of the jewelry, so that jewelry remove surface stains.


  • 1PC necklaces, 1Pair earrings, 1PC rings, 1PC Bracelets








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